Broken Bow, NE


Where is the Custer County Fairgrounds located?

 We are located on the southeast edge of Broken Bow near the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 70.


Is there camping- electrical hookups available at Custer County Fairgrounds?

 Yes, there are over 50 electrical hookups/camping sites available at the fairgrounds.  Most of the electrical hookups are 20 amp but there are some 50 amp hookups available also.  The cost is $20/day for camping with electrical hookup.


Is there space available to stall a horse at your facility?

 Yes we have 228 10'X10' stalls available for rent by the day.  The cost to rent a stall is $20/day unless you are attending a scheduled event at our facility and then the cost is at the discretion of the event coordinator.   NOTE:  Be sure to check our event calendar since there are many weekends through the summer and fall that the facility is being rented for other events and if that is the case, the events stalling requirements takes precedence.


Is there bedding available to be purchased for stalling a horse?

 Yes, wood shavings can be purchased at the fairgrounds.  The cost of the shavings is $8.00/bag and all stalls MUST use shavings!


Who do I contact if I want to schedule an event at the Custer County Fairgrounds?

 You will need to contact Michelle Nelson, Custer County Fairgrounds Events Manager at 308-870-2493.  We would also encourage you to come visit our facility to see what all we have to offer.


What kind of events can the Custer County Fairgrounds host?

 In regards to the equine facility, we can host about any kind of equine event.  We have a large show arena (150ft x 450 ft) that can be set up to accommodate any of your needs.  We also have a similar sized stall barn (100 x 450)  that has 140 wooden, tall sided stalls, as well as a new open air stall barn that was finished in May of 2018 that has 88 metal, tall sided stalls.  Our facility was originally designed to accommodate a lot of horses thus we have the room.


We also have a very nice shooting sports facility.  This facility was designed by some of the expert shooting sports enthusiasts in our area.  This facility can accommodate a large BB gun completion or a small bore shoot.  Building 18 is also available for your archery competitions with a venue that includes A/C and Heating.  Very nice facility for a family reunion or get together.


Even if your event does not meet these above specifications, call us we might be able to meet your needs for your event.


How many motel rooms are available for our event?

 Broken Bow has added a large number of motel rooms in the past couple years.


We want you to support those who support our facility. We would highly recommend that you stay at one of our sponsoring motels.  These include Arrow Hotel, Arrow East Hotel, Cobblestone Hotel and Boarders Motel.   Between these three facilities, we can accommodate over 175 lodging members at a quality motel.  There are other facilities available but they do not support us thus we do not mention their facilities!


To contact or reserve a room at the above motels call Arrow Hotel and Arrow East at (308) 872-6662, Cobblestone Inn and Suites at (308)-767-2060 and Boarders at 308-872-6428!


We strongly encourage you to support all the area motels but please support those that support us first.


What are the best eating establishments in the area?

We would strongly encourage you to patronize the following establishments:


Bonfire Grill and Pub-  Located downtown at the Southwest corner of the square.  This is a great place to get a hamburger/steak/chicken or pasta. If you would like an adult beverage with your meal, The Bonfire is a great choice.  An ever changing menu will offer plenty of choices to please your palate.


Tumbleweed Café-  A traditional café with great home-cooked food.   Whether you are looking for breakfast or a filling meal like Grandma would make, this may be an option.  Wide range of options for your liking, all with friendly service and a smile.


Runza - Exclusive to Nebraska, Runza offers the ever famous “RUNZA”.  It is basically a combination of cooked cabbage, lots of beef, and special seasonings all wrapped in a home made “bun”.  They may also offer the best, fast, hamburgers in town!  Service is relatively fast and very friendly!


Pizza Hut-  A traditional Pizza Hut with good pizza and other options.   Sit down meal or ask them to deliver to your trailer at our Fairgrounds. We bet they will if you ask!


There are other restaurants in town but we strongly encourage you to patronize those that patronize us and your event!


What Veterinary Clinics are Available in the area?

 There are Four Veterinary clinics in the area.


Broken Bow Animal Hospital


Central Nebraska Veterinary Services


Grassland Veterinary Clinic


Vet Care and Consultation



Where is your nearest medical facility?

 Broken Bow is blessed with a great medical facility within a mile of the fairgrounds.  The JMMMMC hospital  is located very close to our fairgrounds in the event that you would need this facility.  It is a very modern facility that can handle most emergencies or they can also refer the patient on to a larger facility through an on call helicopter from Kearney.

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